On Voting for Someone More Honest than Yourself

You’re a good person. You know it, right? I mean, there was that one time you did that one thing, but, you were not yourself then. Partially, you regret it. Partially, you no longer identify with that, in fact, you’d rather just let go of that topic so you can go back to being the genuinely good person you want to be. Fair enough.

Now, when you are voting for someone else, there’s a problem. Your image of yourself can only strech so much. There are people out there who simply are more moral than you, and you know it. They have resisted temptation with more gravity than you have, in face of tougher odds. They’ve behaved in a way you can’t even convince yourself you’re capable of. So, is it morally acceptable to vote for them?

Your brain might be tempted to say no, it wants to resist the possibility of even accepting that somene is more moral, as if only one person can be moral, so it has to be you.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Being moral is hard, and one reason we elect leaders is because we are not all equally equipped with the capabiliy of resisting some temptation. We should be glad about representation, against the thesis of anarchists and some libertarians, because sometimes what we want to want is better represented by other people.

Don’t vote for who you want to be.
Vote for who you want to want to be.

They’ll make it easier for you to become the person you already believe you are.

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