What am I up to Now?

Here are the fragments of me which acquired salience recently, last updated July 2017.


Trying to solve the problem of

Childless relationships where both parties have incentives to cooperate maximally even given that the State, society, third wave feminism etc… have incentives to destroy the relationship.

Redesigning my life to aim at the optimal month.
This is in contrast to people who have objective goals such as “get a car” or “buy a house” or “meet the queen.”  I am aiming for something like “How do I want a month to look like”
And I concluded that is 23 days of work pausing to dance and 7 days in a row travelling instead of weekends.
So I’m aiming there.


Jordan Peterson
Bible Series 2017 (Youtube)
Maps & Meaning course 2017 (youtube)
Personality course 2017 (youtube)
Maps & Meaning (1999)

Jordan is an intellectual titan who explores personality development and mythology using an evolutionary and neuroscientific lenses. He sifted through all the mythical and religious narratives, as well as the continental psychoanalysis and developmental psychology so you and I don’t have to.

Things I have learned from Jordan Peterson: The value of myth. Evolutionary explanations for mythology. How our world view changes with trauma. That evil exists. Why The Lion King strikes so many emotional chords. There is enormous instrumental value in Christianity. The contemporary postmodernist social justice movement and rejection of knowledge and structure has partially been designed and weaponized by continental philosophers starting with Marcuse and progressing through Foucault and Derrida all the way to Žižek. The importance of focusing your mythology on individuals, not groups nor knee jerk reactions. All envisioning preventing chaos from taking hold.

Futurists meeting and Peace Club Dropouts

Futurists meetings are helpful in making me aware of what other smart people who care about the future but are not Effective Altruists are thinking about, as well as catch up on any contemporary piece of news of relevance to far future oriented thinkers that I may have missed.  Some online groups seem to be doing the same sort of synchronizing of brilliant minds, and I’m trying to catch up with those.

Men of the West

After having spent a couple months trying to understand what the right wing was about, and in fact understanding it pretty well now, I decided to understand what is the actual “patriarchy” that people seem to be so worried about. So I solicited friends for friends who are patriarchs, and learned that patriarchy is entangled with monarchy in political thought. So I’ve been hearing the best arguents for patriarchy and for monarchy on a somewhat regular basis. The average argument seems pretty good, though I am not convinced to go as far as the monarchists or patriarchs seem to be willing to go.
I also think there are cultural and biological constraints that they prefer to ignore, but in light of which it is too hard to implement their utopia.