Here are the fragments of me which acquired salience recently, last updated April 2017.


Fixing this website. Getting  Youtube channel going. Posting a lot on Facebook.
Trying to solve the problem of

How to satisfy these 4 desiderata at the same time?
1) To get males to be economically productive
2) Females to be able to choose career
3) Females to choose who they mate with
4) Low status males to find mates


Jordan Peterson
Maps & Meaning course 2017 (youtube)
Personality course 2017 (youtube)
Maps & Meaning (1999)

Jordan is an intellectual titan who explores personality development and mythology using an evolutionary and neuroscientific lenses. He sifted through all the mythical and religious narratives, as well as the continental psychoanalysis and developmental psychology so you don’t have to.

Things I have learned from Jordan Peterson: The value of myth. Evolutionary explanations for mythology. How our world view changes with trauma. That evil exists. Why The Lion King strikes so many emotional chords. There is enormous instrumental value in Christianity. The contemporary postmodernist social justice movement and rejection of knowledge and structure has partially been designed and weaponized by continental philosophers starting with Marcuse and progressing through Foucault and Derrida all the way to Žižek. The importance of focusing your mythology on individuals, not groups nor knee jerk reactions. All envisioning preventing chaos from taking hold.

Thomas Sowell
Basic Economics (2015)
Wealth Poverty and Politics (2016)
Many youtube interviews.

Sowell knows a lot of biogeographical conditions and how they interact with populations and economies. He is to economy what Jared Diamond is to anthropology.

Things I have learned from Sowell: A population’s culture changes faster in their original place than in places they migrate to. There is no worst idea than putting decisions in the hands of those who pay no price for being wrong (Robin Hanson also advocates a similar idea). It is very easy for a democratic state to have politicians spiral into ringfencing their jobs, removing the incentives for themselves making things better for the population, and start allocating resources in undesirable ways. The overwhelming historical record for combating poverty favors individuals, not states, deciding the prices of everything. Price controls, from minimum wages to rent, harm everyone, but harm particularly the poor. Same for welfare. Biogeography determines a lot of the causes of poverty and wealth. There are two ways of viewing the world which predict political inclination, one restricted, where scarcity is understood, one irrestricted, where production is assumed as given, and only distribution is attended to. The irrestricted view is more naïve.

Trump and Steve Bannon 
Crippled America (Trump 2016)
The Torchbearer (Bannon 2016)

From Nov onwards, I’ve read and watched what I could to understand these two, and whether those who speak against them are or not justified. From Trump I learned his delirious lies are well planned strategies to get him what he wants, which seem to have worked, and that he is strongly commited to making the country better, and that his narcissism isn’t so bad. From Bannon I have learned that Bannon has the same reasons to praise the west and christianity as Jordan Peterson does, although I am unclear on how deep is Bannon’s understanding. Since Peterson persuaded me of the instrumental value of christianity to prevent suffering from a utilitarian perspective. I have become a Bannon supporter on Mar 19th. My support of Hilary or Trump wavered back and forth thrice as I acquired information, but now that I support Bannon I predict it will stabilize. Overall, from “obviously Trump is awful and insane and Bannon is evil” to where I currently stand, I processed about 100-200 hours of information. So obviously I expect you to not agree with my conclusion.