Who are we

As I wrote: Nothing is Whole Anymore. So I might as well become fragments. What Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa called “Heterônimos”, or Heteronyms. These fragments compose me, their synnergies exhaust me.

Here you can find useful fragments of Giego Caleiro, aka Diego Caleiro, aka as just G.
G Caleiro. Each of those names is a fragment. They are the heteronyms of the same person. Slices or fragments that you can pick and choose from depending on how you want to use us.

G Caleiro is a host to “Evolving Fragments with G” on youtube, where he attempts to learn and guide others through their own learning journey in a quickly evolving fragmented world.

Giego Caleiro is a Biological Anthropologist based in Berkeley, interested in Altruism, Cooperation, Primatology, Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Genomics, Human Behavioral Ecology and similar ways of looking at the world through Darwinian lenses. His intellectual idols are Robert Trivers, Terrence Deacon, Dan Dennett, David Buss and Robert Sapolsky.

Diego Caleiro is an Analytic Philosopher forged from the intellectual influence of Bertrand Russell, David Lewis, Dan Dennett, David Chalmers, Josh Greene and specially Nick Bostrom. He graduated from University of São Paulo where he also wrote the book “Simulating Dennett” and did a Masters in philosophy. His main interests are philosophy of mind, the far future, and using Artificial Intelligece to guarantee global cooperation thereby preventing human extinction, securing immortality and filling the visible universe with forms of life as teemingly grateful about existence and happy as he is on most days, and a few *illion times more, if possible.

Evergreen exists ephemerally during Burning Man. He is 7 days old and still in a very exploratory stage of life. We don’t expect to see many of his posts here, but who knows, he’s the most unpredictable amongst us!

Some stuff we love:

HD documentaries of animal behavior – We’ve all seen them, David Attenborough narrates: The bonobo, a smaller cousin of the chimp living deep down the forests of the Congo basin…  and you just know you are in for a treat.


Above the greatest Bonobo intellectual of all time, Kanzi. Below, a tough competitor with a special trait securing him some advantages: being part of the symbolic species!

Me Smiling

Philosophy of Mind – Dennett, Chalmers, Block, Parfit, Stalnacker, Strawson, Rorty, Tye. You name it!

The Far Future – read with Morgan Freeman voice – the far future is that part of the universe where the vast majority of minds will probably live, it comes with other advantages like potentially immortal beings, and incredibly happy posthuman lives.

Cognitive Neuroscience – because those neural columns are not going to explain themselves… oh wait!

Superintelligence – Just like artificial intelligence, except so powerful it takes over the galaxy and does with it what it sees fit. How can you not find amazing that which will spell the end of the primate rule on earth, and the beggining of either the posthuman era of paradise bliss, or the end of everything we value?

Primatology – read with Attenborough’s voice –  How come humans feed like chimps, bond like tamarins, share like bonobos and have property laws resembling orangutans. What’s up with that?

Meanings of Life – read with Žižek voice – You see, life has many meanings, and we all enjoy (snif) exploring this fascinating adventure! We are grateful for what was given to us (touches nose), and we want to light the torches of knowledge into the unknown, to boldly go where no man has gone before, and find meaning and truth in the strangest crevices of human knowledge!

Contact Improvisation Dance – my housemate put it well – So, every Thursday, you get together with 50 strangers on a wooden floor, spend hours rolling over each other, and that’s ok? – Exactly. Except… there’s also festivals where we do that for a week in a row in a paradise place. It’s sort of like meditation for monists open to experience. If you are one with your body, there’s no better way to transcend your mind.


Ecstatic Dance – You enter a room with a mind full of problems and ideas about last week. Within a few minutes you are brought into a space of beauty and a Pink-Floyd-like phenomenological quality (what is it like to be Pink Floyd like?) Then instinct and flow hold hands and a mixture of elation and attraction drive kicks in. You see a beautiful other being entering the same transcendence space with the corner of your eyes. From then on, evolution takes the driver’s seat. Next you know your body is heating up, there’s someone flying on your shoulder, your grin is wide enough you might as well eat your ears. Then spirituality kicks in and that feeling of oneness with the universe does its thing. The whole thing slows down a bit into relaxation and prayer, or relaxation and romance, and it ends with a meditation. What’s not to like?

Photography – You know, 2 dimensional representations of incredibly detailed illusions designed to reverse engineer your brain into finding a state of awe by providing a portal that makes you travel to a specific location. A kiss that light stole from time.

Tennis – The sport, not the walking apparatus. Participating, not watching. For fun, not to win. Table and Court, yes, thank you.

Effective Altruism – Because the world really isn’t going to save itself. Really. No it won’t. No, there’s no one else taking care of this, yes, we need your help. No we are not 100% certain of anything. Yes we are taking risks. Yes it gives meaning and significance to an otherwise drifting life in a silent universe. No that’s not the only reason I do it. Yes I’ve considered quitting. No that did not go well for me and I just couldn’t stop being and acting as an act utilitarian because it seems like a really, really important thing to do and not worth being wrong about. But hey, we are saving lives in expectation, securing a great far future, developing better charity evaluation techniques, and trying to make as many people as possible, as ecstatic as possible, for as long as we can. There’s room for one more… Come play! The game is always on!


4 thoughts on “Who are we

  1. “I believe no one takes life more seriously than a teenager, for that’s the age at which we invent our conception of what life is all about.”. That’s the first time I hear someone put it that way…loved it! The older you get, more little insignificant preoccupations appear. And there are so many of them that you begin to think that THAT’s the purpose of life. You become blind to all the other possibilities. And there is another detail: more and more teenagers have conscience of time. In my opinion, that’s the key: knowing that time slips through your fingers can make anyone to want to take life more seriously.

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