#37 Try Harder

Recent challenges were going pretty well. 

I was writing three academic paragraphs a day, which is an amazing feat compared to my previous productivity score. 

Then I gave a lot of thought to the concept of “leveling up” 

I wanted to level up. So I gave me a harder challenge. Actually running through my to do list value-per-hour in order of value per hour. I am not satisfied with the results, even though I did do it intermittently 

Other things came up and completely disorganized my attention and focus. Those things are now addressed. 

I still want to level up. I still think I can level up. Hell if Bostrom, at the level he is, can still level up, then so can I.

So I’m going to pretend we go back in time fifteen days, and I’ll continue as before. I’ll simply

#37 Try Harder

I will try again to continue #39 write three academic paragraphs a day and #38 Value-per-hour to do list in order.

That’s it, nothing more. Try Harder, try smarter.

It took me three attempts to start using Getting Things Done as a method, and it saved hundreds of hours. Maybe actually following the value per hour will be the same. So I’ll try both again.

If you just arrived at diegocaleiro.com, take a look at the first challenge as it is the only one you have to go through to jump straight on to the current challenge. Do challenge yourself on the comment section, and every first of the month, I’ll start a challenge chosen by my readers, and ask how they are going at their own self-challenges. Every 15th, I’ll choose one for myself. If you want to give me a challenge, make a comment in the most recent post, which is where I’ll get them from every 1st of the month. To subscribe to diegocaleiro.com and keep track of your challenges, click on the blackish square on the bottom right that says follow.  If you are logged in a wordpress account, check the top left instead. – Diego


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